Fotoba XL

Fotoba XL

€2,750 (EUR)

Location:Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

orCall +31 85 0450005


*** This machine needs to be re-calibrated and also needs new knives***

The Fotoba XL is an advanced automatic cutting system designed for high-precision trimming of large format media, making it ideal for the graphics, signage, and print industries. This machine is engineered to handle a wide range of materials, including paper, vinyl, canvas, and synthetic substrates, with remarkable accuracy and efficiency.

### Key Features

#### Cutting Capabilities

- **Maximum Cutting Width**: Up to 320 cm (126 inches), suitable for large format prints.

- **Material Thickness**: Capable of cutting media up to 0.8 mm thick.

- **Cutting Speed**: High-speed operation for fast turnaround times, typically up to 18 meters per minute (59 feet per minute).

#### Precision and Accuracy

- **Edge Recognition System**: Uses advanced sensors to detect and follow printed edges and registration marks, ensuring precise cuts.

- **Repeatability**: Maintains high precision with minimal deviation, critical for consistent output.

#### Versatility

- **Media Types**: Compatible with various materials, including paper, vinyl, banner, canvas, and polyester.

- **Applications**: Ideal for trimming posters, banners, signs, and other large format graphics.

#### User-Friendly Operation

- **Control Panel**: Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy setup, operation, and job management.

- **Automatic Feeding**: Features automatic media feeding and alignment for continuous, hands-free operation.

#### Construction and Durability

- **Robust Build**: Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability in high-volume production environments.

- **Safety Features**: Equipped with safety guards and emergency stop functions to protect operators.

#### Maintenance

- **Ease of Maintenance**: Designed for minimal maintenance with easy access to key components, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

### Benefits

- **Efficiency**: Increases productivity by automating the cutting process and reducing manual intervention.

- **Consistency**: Delivers consistent, high-quality cuts, essential for maintaining print quality and meeting client expectations.

- **Cost-Effective**: Reduces waste and labor costs, improving overall operational efficiency.

The Fotoba XL is a powerful and reliable solution for businesses looking to streamline their cutting processes and enhance the quality and efficiency of their large format printing operations.