Insegraf Screen Printing Machine

Insegraf Screen Printing Machine

€2,750 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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The Insegraf 70x100 is a robust and versatile flatbed cutting plotter designed for precision cutting, plotting, and creasing applications across various industries. With a cutting area of 70 cm by 100 cm, this machine is ideal for processing a wide range of materials including vinyl, paper, cardboard, plastics, and fabrics. 

. Key Features and Specifications

. Cutting and Creasing Capabilities

- **Cutting Area**: 70 cm x 100 cm

- **Cutting Speed**: High-speed operation for efficient processing

- **Cutting Force**: Adjustable cutting force to handle different material thicknesses

- **Tools**: Compatible with a variety of cutting and creasing tools for versatile applications

. Precision and Control

- **Accuracy**: High-precision cutting with minimal deviations

- **Software Compatibility**: Works with popular design software for seamless integration and easy operation

- **Control Panel**: User-friendly interface for setting adjustments and real-time monitoring

. Build and Design

- **Construction**: Durable frame and components designed to withstand heavy usage

- **Vacuum Hold-Down System**: Ensures materials stay in place during the cutting process for accurate results

- **Safety Features**: Includes protective covers and emergency stop functions to ensure operator safety

. Applications

The Insegraf 70x100 is perfect for sign making, packaging, prototype development, and textile industries. It excels in creating intricate designs, detailed cuts, and precise creases, making it a valuable addition to any production environment.

. Ease of Use

- **Setup**: Easy setup and calibration procedures

- **Maintenance**: Low maintenance design with easily replaceable parts

- **Training**: Minimal training required due to intuitive operation

With its combination of speed, precision, and versatility, the Insegraf 70x100 cutting plotter is a reliable solution for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities and deliver high-quality results.