M&R Vitran II

M&R Vitran II

€7,500 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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In perfect condition and very clean a M&R Vitran II Screen Prinitng Machine

The M&R Vitran II is a state-of-the-art screen exposure system designed for high-quality screen printing applications. It features advanced UV LED technology, which ensures consistent and precise exposure of screens for detailed and accurate prints. The Vitran II boasts rapid exposure times, energy efficiency, and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for both small-scale and large-scale production environments. Additionally, it includes features such as adjustable exposure settings, a robust build for long-term durability, and compatibility with various screen sizes and types. The M&R Vitran II is highly regarded for its reliability, efficiency, and capability to enhance the screen printing process.

The M&R Vitran II is a high-performance UV LED screen exposure unit. Here are its specifications:

M&R Vitran II Specifications

Physical Dimensions

- **Exposure Area**: Various models available with different maximum screen sizes (e.g., 58" x 84", 79" x 114")

- **Overall Dimensions**: Varies depending on the model

- **Weight**: Varies depending on the model

Exposure System

- **Light Source**: UV LED

- **Wavelength**: Typically around 365 nm to 405 nm, optimized for screen printing emulsions

- **Exposure Time**: Rapid exposure times, often under a minute for most screens

- **Energy Efficiency**: High efficiency with lower energy consumption compared to traditional UV lamps


- **User Interface**: Touchscreen control panel for easy operation and setting adjustments

- **Memory**: Multiple programmable settings for different screen types and exposure times

- **Cooling System**: Advanced cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prolong LED lifespan

- **Vacuum System**: High-performance vacuum system to ensure firm contact between the screen and the exposure glass

- **Glass**: High-transmission glass for maximum UV efficiency

- **Safety Features**: Built-in safety mechanisms to protect users and ensure safe operation


- **Screen Types**: Compatible with various screen meshes and emulsions

- **Frame Sizes**: Adjustable clamps and holders to accommodate different frame sizes