CTS Computer 2 screen

CTS Computer 2 screen

€12,188 (EUR)

Location:Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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At last, a low-cost, direct-to-screen solution that prints digital images directly onto a coated screen. SCREENMAKER CTS produces high-quality stencils in minutes with automatic digital image registration built in.

After imaging, the screen is ready for immediate exposure without the need for a glass or vacuum. Pinholing and undercutting are completely eliminated, so small halftone highlight dots and shadow details are accurately reproduced.

The SCREENMAKER CTS is powered by CADLink’s SCREENMAKER RIP for imaging color separations quickly and easily from any Mac or Windows graphics application.

It also includes a stand-alone Windows printing utility for print queue management, printer setup, and maintenance (ink level monitoring, nozzle checks, head cleaning, head alignment, etc.).

EXPOISER TABLE Undercounter UV Exposure System 7 Stand For FREEStyler is NOT INCLUDING ( OPTIONALL )

FREEStyler SCREEN DRUM Extra Screen Drums (for custom Screen sizes) € 65,20

SCREENMAKER RIP (Windows OS) € 993,60

Costs per print of approximately 45 x 45 cm depending on the print between € 0.60 and €1.00 pro screen

The advantage is that when you change the cartridge, the print head is included in the price off € 65,20

1 year warranty on all parts.


ManufacturerFreestyler 2
Modelnew generation screenmaker
Stock Numberexposure-unit-70-101