Fully Automated Heat Transfer Paper Screen Printing Machine


Fully Automated Heat Transfer Paper Screen Printing Machine

€49,000 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands


Out of Stock TX-YKPZ-5070 Fully Automated Screen Printing Machine Label: full-automatic screen printing machine, fully automated screen printing machine, autoloading screen printing machine, auto take off screen printing machine, high precision automatic alignment screen printing press machine It is full-automatic screen printing press for heat transfer paper with large capacity up to 750PCS per hour that suitable for printing in bulk of high precision screen productions. This machine increases profits dramatically increases production, provides greater print consistency. 2. Features 1. Adopting invert motor for side lifting printing table, servo motor drive the printing head by horizontal movement. 2. Printing head and screen frame are driven independently, servo motor controls the printing. 3. Printing knife drive by pneumatic control, independent digital control for stroke. 4. Operation model: manual/semi-auto/full-auto 5. Digital control for Printing suspended time. 6. The lifting of printing head can be independently adjusted for convenience of cleaning Scraper and covering ink blade and screen mesh. 7. Easy to adjust the position of screen frame with the pneumatic and mechanical fixture. 8. Adopting digital control technology controlled the servo motor for stability and precision of feeding and delivering. 9.PLC programming, touching screen, simple to operate, easy to use.


Air source0.5-0.8Mpa
Max. printing size500X700MM
Power supply380V/50Hz
Screen frame size880X1200MM
Air consumption7L/min
Stacking height600MM
Unit weight1600kg
Printing thickness0.1-5MM
Registering accuracy±0.1MM