Exposure Unit Nuarc MSP 3140

Exposure Unit Nuarc MSP 3140

€2,500 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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• Design eliminates need for vacuum hose connection to blanket

• Exceptionally flexible and resilient material assures intimate contact and blanket longevity

• Gas springs ease blanket frame opening and closing

• Unique manifold system provides contact by drawing air through holes in the blanket frame tube Controller/Integrator

• Computer controlled and fully programmable

• LCD display

• Light integrator ensures exact exposure every time

• Pushbutton control Design & Construction

• 1⁄4”(6.4 mm) glass thickness

• 1 1⁄2”(3.8 cm) square welded tubular steel vacuum and glass frames

• 39” (99 cm) working height for no-step access

• Easy access to components to clean or replace any serviceable item

• Ergonomic design • Frame latches made with state-of-the-art material for durability, longevity, and operator comfort Electrical Requirements

• 110v, 1 phase, 19.2 amps, 50/60 Hz Exposure Area • 31” x 40” (79 x 104 cm) maximum screen frame size

• Accommodates one automatic frame or two standard manual frames • Compatible with the Tri-Loc®Rapid Registration System from M&R Light Source • 1200-watt lamp • Exposes all emulsions: direct, capillary, and indirect

• Instant-start lamp and rapid recovery power supply (U.S. Patent No. 4,339,692) provide shutterless operation

• Instant-start lamp eliminates warmup and idling times, saving energy and reducing heat buildup • Lamp is easy to access and change via lamp drawer • Light source delivers fast, efficient exposures • Point light source holds fine lines and dots

• Shutter-free operation eliminates mechanical complexities Size • Floor space requirement: 51” x 44” (130 x 112 cm)

• Vacuum frame size (inside dimensions): 37” x 47” (94 x 119 cm) Vacuum System

• 1⁄3HP maintenance-free vacuum pump for rapid drawdown

• Air is drawn from entire perimeter of vacuum frame

• Heavy-duty maintenance-free vacuum pump for rapid drawdown

• Vacuum release system (U.S. Instantly releases vacuum


ModelMSP 3140
Maximum Screen Fame Size79 x 102 cm
Power consumption110V, 1PH, 18A, 60Hz, 2KW / 208/230V, 1ph, 7.4/5.7A, 50Hz, 1.3KW
Outside dimension (mm)102 x 130 x 119 cm
Machine weight227KG