INPRO Tiger Clean 110-3

INPRO Tiger Clean 110-3

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The Inpro Tigerclean reclaiming systems offer the very best in automated screen cleaning solutions.

The Inpro Tigerclean systems are modular built and so they can be tailored to the specific needs of each print shop.

With safety, dependable quality and exibility being at the forefront of the engineering design, the Inpro Tigerclean screen reclaiming systems are a cost effective way to optimize the screen washing process. The Inpro Tigerclean series are the 3rd generation of fully automatic screen reclaiming machines and together with our A1 chemicals we can provide the customer with the best quality and solutions in machine and chemicals for all different applications.

The Inpro Tigerclean Reclaim Series Features :

  • Fully integrated screen reclaiming solution with ink cleaning, emulsion removal and high pressure washing
  • Complete separation of cleaning modules to prevent cross contamination
  • Highest safety and complete CE-safe
  • Recycled chemical solutions reduce chemical consumption and cost
  • Special new brush system in the ink removal module provide extra cleaning and removal power
  • Minimized risk of ghost images
  • Simple design and easy to use and maintain
  • Heavy duty machines are rugged and consistently produce dependable quality screens
  • Suitable for installation in production areas
  • Environmentally friendly and provide safe working conditions for employees
  • A range of fully automatic machines with up to 5 modules inclusive an integrated developing system
  • Modular systems are custom designed and can easily be upgraded when needed 

Since INPRO is building modular systems the possibilties are endless and almost custom made.

So please give us a call or send us an email with your specific needs and we will provide you with the best solution for your company!