Automatic Squeegee Sharpening Machine Scraper Sharpener 1000 mm Width

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Automatic Squeegee Sharpening Machine Scraper Sharpener 1000 mm Width

€3,900 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands


Screenprinting squeegee automatic sharping machine

Automatic machine for screen printing sharpening on the PU squeegee Su as 0° to 45 °

Applicable to Rubber PU squeegee size 800mm, 1000mm, etc.

Also available in custom size

1) automatic grinding

2) angle adjustable for squeegee

3) Vacuum cleaner for automatic cleaning grinding dust

4) long-lasting motor, with 2 years warranty

5) easy operation

Main Features

1) The shape of the whole machine adopts high temperature electrostatic spraying, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and not easy to aging.

2) The grinding wheel can be adjusted with step-less speed change, stable balance, and automatically change steering with the stroke direction.

3) The grinding stroke adopts a motor + precision linear guide, which alternates back and forth at a constant speed, smoothly sliding.

4) Lever-type glue squeegee, fast and stable clamping, and the squeegee length/grind angle can be adjusted synchronously.

5) Equipped with a dirt vacuum cleaner to suck debris, the suction path will automatically turn with the stroke to reduce industrial pollution, so as to achieve a dust-free and environmentally friendly working environment.

6) There is no sense of pressure during grinding, the squeegee is not deformed, and there is no wavy phenomenon to ensure grinding accuracy.

7) The grinding angle is 0-45 degrees to match various brand squeegees to give full play to the printing efficiency, wide range of use, and easy operation without professional skills.


ManufacturerPrintmachines 4 All
Grinding length1000mm
Grinding Motor330kW(Taiwan)
Motor Power120W
Grind angle0 -45 degree
Vacuum power1320kW
Adjustment L/R0-8cm
Adjustment Upper/lower0-10cm
Grinding methodAutomatic
Power input220V / 50Hz
Machine dimension1550x620x1000mm