Hale Humidifier

Hale Humidifier

€350 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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The new Airtek PCMH45 evaporative humidifier is effective in rooms up to 350m3 it can evaporate 45 litres of water a day into the atmosphere which will combat the harmful effects of dry air on people and objects, this humidifier is suitable for homes, offices, museums and galleries.

It will protect musical instruments, artworks, furniture,computers and people from dry air.

The humidifier has 4 humidity settings which you can select, settings are low (30%rH), medium (45%rH), high (60%rH) and a continuous setting.

The unit is manual fill and has a tank capacity of 30 litres, there are warning lights and a 5 second audible warning if the unit is empty or if you overfill, the unit will automatically switch off if empty.

The humidifier can be filled from the top or directly into the water tank from the back of the unitThere is an 8 hour on timer so you can set in the morning and forget.

Even distribution of water is ensured due to a rotating evaporator mat, the unit has 3 fan speeds for either full power, medium power or quiet setting.

The humidifier also has a washable air intake filter on the back of the unit.

Cleaning the PHMC45 could not be simpler, the components can be disassembled in seconds without tools, you only have to clean the water tank and the filter basket with water connection eriodically.

The unit is highly portable and glides on 6 hidden casters on the bottom of the unit.


ManufacturerHale Products
Serial Number202044048
Power consumption70Watts
Air Flow500m3/h
Evaporating Capacity45L/24H (at 21 degrees x 30% RH)
Fan Speed3-Speeds (low/medium/high)
Tank Capacity30L
ApprovalsCE & GS
Dimensions75cm x 44cm x 74,5cm (height x depth x width)
Net weight12.4 KG
Gross weight17 KG