Solder Paste Screen Printing Machine

Solder Paste Screen Printing Machine

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Out of Stock 1. Application The unit is to transfer solder paste to a bare circuit board. 2. Features a. Vertical construction, metal stand, compact and stably. b. PLC control with touch screen, use-friendly English menu easy operate. c. The angle, pressure and stroke of the scraper are adjustable; Steel blade and squeegee are available. d. High precision roller rail and various frequency motor drive scrapper to ensure printing precision e. Three operating modes: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual. f. Built in automatic counting functions correctly reflect the volume of their production. g. Printing head angle, screen frame clamps are adjustable, easy to replace, positioning and adjust. h. Free adjustment by scraper and covering ink blade in accordance with the printing demands. i. Vacuum table is optional for pulling the work-piece on the bed firmly.


ModelsTX-HFD-3270 / TX-HFD-32120
Print table area320×700mm / 320×1200mm
Stencil size370×750mm / 370×1230mm
Pcb size300×500mm / 300×1150mm
Scraper speed0-100mm/sec / 0-100mm/sec
Pcb height0.2-2.0mm / 0.2-2.0mm
FixtureSides fixed Or Pin Positioning / Sides fixed Or Pin Positioning
Table adjustmentFront/back±10mmR/L±10mm Front/back±10mmR/L±10mm
Printing accuracy±0.02mm / ±0.02mm
Repeat accuracy±0.02mm / ±0.02mm
Minimum spacing0.35mm / 0.35mm
Air source4-6kgf/cm² / 4-6kgf/cm²
Power supply1P, AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 100W / 1P, AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 100W
Weight260kg /270kg
Unit sizeL1050×W900×H1650mm / L1350×W900×H1650mm