Silk Screen Uv Ink Curing Machine

Silk Screen Uv Ink Curing Machine

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Out of Stock The TX-UV series of light-solid machine is irradiated with strong ultraviolet light from a special UV light source to the surface of the workpiece with the photosensitive printing material to achieve rapid curing (the emission spectrum of the lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the printing material),The cured film has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and certain adhesion strength.This machine is mainly used for the curing process of light-curing screen printing inks such as sanding, refraction, wrinkles, crystal, UV optical axis, etc.Widely used in clothing thermal transfer film, tobacco and alcohol, wine labels, cosmetics, health products, blessings, calendars and other packaging. B、 Characteristic: 1、 Improve product quality 2、 Environmentally friendly Practical and reliable 3、 Fast light fixation、efficient、Low consumption 4、 Compact Size、New design、Easy operation C、 Process: Feed——Light solid——Discharge D、 Main technical parameters: 1、 Curing process size:800mm,Thickness of solidified workpiece:70 mm. 2、 Equipment noise:Less than 65 decibels. 3、 Transfer speed:1-30M/Min Stepless speed. 1–Feed port 2–Feed port height adjustment baffle 3–UV light solid area 4–Circulating cooling fan 5–Discharg port height adjustment baffle 6–Conveyor 7–Control panel 2、 Airframe structure: The frame is made of angle steel,good rigidity、great intensity、Strong and stable,Surface coated with anti-rust primer beautiful and oxidation resistant.waterproof、corrosion resistance、the fuselage box panel is detachable, making the machine easy to adjust and maintain.In order to prevent light leakage, the curing zone adopts a light-tight structure. 3、conveyer system: Large speed range,Curable multiple photosensitive printing materials,Due to differences in the printing recipes of each factory,the color of the print is different and the thickness of the silk screen film is different.,Curing time is different,That is, the transmission network is required to have different transmission speeds.,to meet the above requirements,this machine uses micro DC motor drive,its small size, reliable operation and wide speed range,After deceleration, the speed of the transmission network can be steplessly regulated within 1-30 m/min.,ractice has proved that the system has a stable start and operation. 4、Light source system: The choice of UV lamp for light source is one of the latest technological achievements in China. It is characterized by high power and high intensity. The spectrum line (300-450mm) is consistent with the photosensitive line absorption spectrum, and the lamp life is long (about 600 hours). The index is an ideal light source compared with similar foreign products. 5、Temperature and cooling system: The solidification of the workpiece is carried out in a semi-closed solidification zone. Due to the large power of the lamp and the large amount of heat generated, the machine is designed to adopt forced ventilation. A cooling fan is installed above the solidification zone, and a strong exhaust fan is added below the solidification zone. The heat emitted by the lamp tube can be effectively discharged, and the thin and light products such as film or paper can be closely attached to the conveyor belt during the conveying process, thereby effectively preventing the paper card from burning in the solidification zone due to the accumulated temperature rise for a long time. 6、Transport belt system: It is made of Teflon and is durable in corrosion resistance. The conveyor network runs continuously at the selected speed. The piece enters the solidification zone from the right end, and solidifies in the movement, and the work is sent out from the left end. In order to ensure the smooth movement of the workpiece with the conveying net and the speed is uniform when moving, the driving shaft adopts a guiding groove attached to the net, so that the transmission speed changes little. The workpiece moves smoothly during the curing process, thereby effectively ensuring the curing quality of the workpiece. When the conveyor belt has a certain positional shift (left/right) during the conveying process, the topping screw on the feeding end can be adjusted with an open-end wrench until the middle of the conveyor belt processing roller. The principle of adjustment is: if the conveyor belt is offset to the left, tighten the top tightening screw on the left side; otherwise, tighten the top tightening screw on the right side. F、 Control panel operation steps: 1、 Connect the power cable on the device to the air switch according to the three-phase 380V L1/L2/L3/N line according to the three-phase power wiring requirements. 2、 Start up in the following order, operate each switch on the control panell: Press “power switch” to turn on the total power switch and turn on the switch of fan 1 and fan 2. Turn on the transfer switch, turn the “speed switch to “1” position, and fine-tune the knob to start the transfer system to the desired speed. ƒTurn on the UV light button and wait until the UV light reaches the brightness (usually 30-45 seconds). ④After the work is finished, please turn off the lights. ⑤Turn off the transfer switch. ⑥After 5 minutes, turn off the fan and let the fan cool the inside of the UV furnace. ⑦Finally, turn off the main power Note 1、After turning off the UV lamp every time, the machine needs to wait for 5-10 minutes before starting the lamp to ensure the life of the lamp. Note 2、Before the machine is first connected to the power supply, check whether the lamp is installed or not, and then install it (sometimes to remove the lamp for transportation safety). G、Packaging, transportation, storage, folding box and precautions for moving 1、In order to facilitate long-distance transportation, the machine is packed in wooden box, and the bottom two bottom beams are loaded. 2、During transportation, the cover is required to be placed upside down and in the upright position. It is strictly prohibited to invert, side, break and strong vibration. 3、The package and internal electrical components should not be wet. When transporting, you should do a good job of rain-proof coverage. After you arrive at the purchaser, store it in a dry warehouse or workshop, and do not store it in the open air or in a humid environment for a long time. H、Installation,debugging,acceptance steps and matters needing attention. 1、Lay the unit in the same position, not tilt, the ground should be flat. 2、Seriously and comprehensively check whether the mechanical running components and electrical control system components are loose or damaged, and the problems are repaired in time. 3、Add lubricant according to regulations. 4、Press the power supply as shown. 5、Supply and demand sides commissioned and accepted according to the contract. I、Maintenance and maintenance: 1、If the machine is in use, the mechanical operation system and the electrical control system are malfunctioning, please find the equipment dimension. Repair and electrician to repair, non-transfer personnel should not be indiscriminate, turbulent, so as not to occur outside and damage the device. 2、Lamp removal and replacement method: ①First remove the side panel of the lamp tube area. ②Remove the wiring at both ends of the lamp. ③Gently pull the tube out. ④Install in reverse order, connect the wires and the upper cover. 3、Maintenance requirements:In order to extend the service life of the machine, ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the processing quality of the products, the maintenance and operation work together to achieve the following points: ① heck the equipment for any abnormality before starting each time. If it is removed in time, work again. ② Frequently check the operation of the rotating components, and find that the abnormality is adjusted and repaired in time. ③ In the timely completion of the operation, clean the inspection machine for debris and dirt. Do not wash the body and work site with water. Beware of moisture, damage and electric shock. ④ This machine has a high-pressure steady flow device. It is necessary to wear insulated shoes or insulation boards on the ground to prevent accidents. ⑤ 5 After the lamp is aging, replace the lamp in time to ensure normal production. ⑥ Lubricate and descaling regularly as required on lubrication list. At least one major overhaul is performed each year, all transmission components are removed, thoroughly cleaned and refilled with lubricant, and the transmission components must be lubricated while rotating.


Lamp power5.6kw*2 lamp
Dimensions (mm)2500×1000×1150
Weight260 kg