Semi Automatic Screen Printing Press

Semi Automatic Screen Printing Press

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Out of Stock Be applied to flat printing for glass, CD, nameplates, stickers, credit card, ceramic decal, wooden toys puzzles, PCB, SMT tin ointment, and membrane switch ,etc in electronic industry. It is also applicable to the flat printing such as golden and silver cardboard, metal sheet, and other products, which require highly in flat printing. Features and Performance: 1.Vertical structure with the electronic drive printing head goes up and down and moves left/right vertically. 2.Single chip controlled circuit, printing and screen go up and down using independent driving source. 3.Pneumatic controller controls the printing knife moving up and down, and photocell eye controls the stroke, tuning separately. 4.Three modes: manual/semi-automatic /automatic, the break time of printing is digital controlled. 5. Independent printing head up-and-down movement device makes the loading and discharging of screen, ink blade, and washing screen frame more convenient. 6. Double guide column clamping arm makes the installation and adjustment of screen frame more convenient.


ModelsTX-80180ST / TX-80220ST / TX-90180ST / TX-80260ST
Max printing size (mm)800*1800 / 800*2200 / 900*1800 / 800*2600
Table size (mm)800*1200 / 900*2400 / 1000*2000 / 900*2800
Max frame size (mm)900*2000 / 1100*2800 / 1200*2400 / 1100*3000
Max printing speed (pcs/h)800
Printing thickness (mm)50
Air pressure (mpa)0.5 – 0.6
Power3.7KW 380V
Outside dimension (mm)2650*1500*1740 / 3050*1500*1740 / 2650*1500*1740 / 3450*1500*1740