Roll To Roll Label Screen Printing Machine

Roll To Roll Label Screen Printing Machine

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Out of Stock ★ Application scope ★ Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine is specially designed for printing for film or paper material in roll form, such as PET, PVC, PE, PV, PP, BOPP film, which has been widely used in heat transfer label, adhesive sticker, Vulcanizing label, membrane switches, soft circuit board (flexible printed circuit ), printed electronics, control panels, graphics overlay, IMD (In-mold decoration label, IML, RFID antenna, FPC, ceramic decals, motorcycle helmet decals, nameplate, etc industry. ★ Main Features 1) It is composed of A Feeding Unit, A Screen Printing unit, and a Hot Air Dryer 2) An automatic registration system with three sensors to ensure high printing precision for multi-colors 3) Brand Servo Motors guarantee the stability of the screen printing machine 4) The excellent wear-resisting guide rail ensures the accuracy, operating silent and smoothly 5) Humane mechanism ensures the high precision 6) Fault self-detection, automatic alarm when an error occurs and offer the solution 7) Vacuum table for efficient work-piece fixing, with blow back function 8) Solvent ink, water-based ink, and plastisol ink, UV ink are available 9) 60-80meter drying oven occupies small area, energy save, high efficiency. Feeding Unit Features 1) Auto feeding, auto anti-static 2) Max. Diameter coil cradle: 500mm 3) Panasonic inverter controller for unwinding adjustable speed 0~600r/h 4) Optical sensor for loading materials, avoid scratching 5) Unwinding speed adjustable, time adjustable as desired 6) Automatic tearing film function for optional 7) Auto stop when unfeeding. Dryer cabinet features 1) Hot circulating air drying, constant temperature adjustable, automatic winding and unwinding. 2) Thermal insulation layer, saving power, Energy saving and environmental protection 3) Occupies small area, 9 inner loops, 60m length, archiving drying at low temperature, keeping the materials no deform, ensure high accuracy multiple colors over printing. 4) Automatic correction device 5) Inspection lamp, castor wheels for easy operation. Main screen printer features 1) Big touch screen, Plc control, operating stable in any circumstantial 2) Optical sensor for multiple colors over printing, Panasonic PLC + Panasonic Mark sensor LX101 Automatic detecting color mark, automatic stop when faults occurs 3) Printing modes are available 4) Plate position, height, squeegee pressure, speed, adjustable 5) Printing speed adjustable, production count function, automatic stop and alarm when up to setting quantity. 6) Automatic stop when unfeeding and alarm 7) Automatic dust removing function, Improve product qualification rate 8) Three sections of vacuum suction, automatic strong, and weak wind, and air purge available 9) Inspection lamp 10) Squeegee and inking knife are adjustable for angles. 11) Adopt servo motor for printing and inking speed adjustable 12) Automatic grid-off function preventing sticking 13) Easy operating, durable structure 14) UV curing is optional


ModelsP4A-4070S / P4A-5070S P4A-6080S / P4A-50100S / P4A-80120S
Max.sheet width (mm)410 / 510 / 610 / 510 / 810
Printing area(mm)700×380 / 700×480 / 800×580 / 1000×500 / 1200×800
Max. frame size (mm)1000×700 1000×800 / 1100×900 / 1300×800 / 1500×800
Min. frame size(mm)500×400 / 500×400 / 500×500 / 500×500 / 500×500
Printer power(kw)380V/2.5
Air pressure(kg/ cm24-8
Accuracy (mm)±0.05-0.1
Printer dimen.(m)2.7×1.25×1.86 / 2.7×1.25×1.86 / 2.9×1.35×1.86 / 3.35×1.35×1.86 / 3.62×1.55×1.86
Dryer temp. (℃)常温-175
Dryer voltage (v)380
Dry sheet length(m)60
Dryer power(kw)24
Winding dia. (mm)500
Dryer dimension(mm)2.3×1.15×2.0 / 2.3×1.15×2.0 / 2.16*1.15*2.0 2.3×1.15×2.0 / 2.16*1.35*2.0
Max. coil cradle(m)500
Winder power(v/kw)220/0.3 / 220/0.3 / 220/0.3 / 220/0.3 / 220/0.4