Manual Inspiratory Screen Printing Machine

Manual Inspiratory Screen Printing Machine

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Out of Stock This inspiratory manual screen printing machine is widely used for glass, nylon cloth, adhesive label, PCB, PC, PVC, PET. Features: 1. Adopt stainless steel material table with aspirator pump, and the components using top grade electrostatic spray and high-end electroplating process. 2. The clamp of fixed frame is flexible to fit frames of different size the clamping head can be rising and down to fit the printing of different thickness. 3. five tuning devices to assure the speedy and accurate position. 4. Automatic protection device is set..


ModelTX-XQ 4060 / TX-XQ 6070 / TX-XQ 6090 /TX-XQ 8090 / TX-XQ 9010
Platform size(mm)400×600mm / 600×700mm / 600×900mm / 800×900mm / 900×1000mm
Max frame’s size350×480mm / 450×580mm / 450×775mm / 630×750mm / 730×850mm
Power (v/kw)370w/220v / 750w/220v / 750w/220v / 1100w/220v / 1100w/220v
Thickness0-25 mm