Hotmelt Powder Coating Machine

Hotmelt Powder Coating Machine

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Out of Stock It is suitable for flat printing of glass, CD, nameplate, stickers, credit cards, ceramic flower paper, wooden toy puzzles and electronics industry PCB, SMT solder paste, membrane switch and other products. It is also suitable for flat printing of products with high precision of overprinting, such as gold and silver cardboard, metal sheet, PVC, etc. ★Main Performance ①vertical structure with the electronic driven printing plate goes up and down vertically, and the electronic driven print head moves left/right. ② Single chip controlled circuit, printing and plate goes up and down using independent driving source. ③ Pneumatic controller controls the printing knife moves up and down, photocell eye controls the stroke, which is independent to tune. ④ Set manual/semi-automatic /automatic three modes , the break time of printing is digital controlled. ⑤ Independent designed head rising and down setting, makes it convenient to clean the scraping blade/reclaiming blade、screen plate during loading and unloading. ⑥ Double guide column master the clamps arm, and install the adjusting device to adjust the distance between plates at the same time, which is convenient to tune. ★Configuration Instructions ① The machine controlled by MCU. ② Circuits adopt AC contactor chint, RIKO Photoelectric eye switch produced in Taiwan. ③ Adopt Cheng Bang Gear Motor from Taiwan, driven by Variable printing. ④ Printing scraper and reclaiming blade controlled by AirTAC brand pneumatic component. ⑤ Left/right scratchers adopt HIWIN precision liner guide from Taiwan. ⑥ Printing plate adopts pneumatic stainless steel and suction system which is produced by Shanghai State-owned factory. ★Scope of Application Full-automatic Power Coating Machine is a post printing machine which can be used to replace the traditional glitter powder/hot-melt powder technology. It has the features such as easy to operate, no dust pollution, etc. When it is used Full-automatic Press Grain Machine is a post printing machine which can be used to replace the traditional to equip the screen printing machine, the work efficiency can be increased greatly, the utilization ratio of glitter powder will rise and a great variety of glitter powder pictures can produce. If required, this machine can easily connect with drying machines, UV glazing machines, etc. It adopts the upper and lower suction port design to prevent the occurrence of scratches on the surface of the film, and is the best post-press equipment for the film glitter process. Max size of screen frame : 800*1200CM Size of package carton : 1460*1150*1650CM Max printing speed : 1000(PCS/H) Gross weight : 522(KG)


Printing thickness≤30mm
Max printing area500*800CM
Air pressure4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
Size of printing table600*900CM
Rated voltage/power380V/50HZ /3.2KW