Home Screen Printing Machine P4A 2030

Home Screen Printing Machine P4A 2030

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Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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Out of Stock ★Scope of application Precision flat screen printing of various papers, scratch cards, glass, stickers, single/double sided, multi-layer wiring (PCB), liquid green oil, cold light sheet (EL) and flexible circuit boards. ★Conf Spec ①Stable and reliable microcomputer control ②High quality sensor ③Foot switch which is simple and easy to control ④International famous brand pneumatic components ⑤Advanced air filtration equipment ⑥Solid parts ⑦Imported wear-resistant shaft bushing ⑧Separate printing and ink returning speed control ⑨Easy to operate and maintain ★Machine maintenance ① Clean the machine and wipe it before going to work.Regularly add lubricating oil to moving parts such as guide rail, guide pillar and bearing. ② The workpiece table is a key component that affects printing quality. Prevent hard objects from hitting, and do not drop ink, thinner and other organic solvents on the surface while printing. ③ The electric control panel and buttons should prevent damage caused by contacting with solvents such as thinner and open water directly or indirectly. ④ Rack paint is to keep the machine from rusting, so prevent damage caused by contacting with solvents such as thinner and open water directly or indirectly. ⑤ The sewage and dirt in the oil mist combiner should be discharged in time. Prevent them feeding into pneumatic components to affect normal operation. Clean the cup regularly and add Bon 2 oil to the oil mist combiner oil cup. ⑥ When adjusting the limiting valve, you must loosen the tightening nut first before adjusting it by hand.The handle screws on the machine are used for positioning, which need not be tightened after firm positioning. ⑦ After work, turn off the power/air supply, and clean the screen and keep it in a safe place. Dust proof/pressure proof/anti-hard material piercing. max size of screen frame : 300*400mm Printing speed : 1000pcs/hr Size of package carton : 1000*680*680 mm Gross weight : 95kg


Printing thickness≤200mm
Max printing area200*300mm
Air pressure4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
Size of printing table200*300mm
Rated voltage/power220V/50HZ/400W