Full Automatic Cylindrical Cosmetic Bottle Printing Machine

Full Automatic Cylindrical Cosmetic Bottle Printing Machine

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Out of Stock The machine is widely used in various daily chemicals, medicine, food and other packaging containers and electronic devices, toys, tools and other surface patterns and text high-precision hot stamping. It can meet the printing requirement of circular surface of cylindrical container, and it is compatible with plastic, glass, metal and other materials. The machine realizes intelligent control of the whole machine through PLC and advanced Touch Screen. With the advanced imported motor, variable speed device and pneumatic components constitute a new transmission system, to achieve the variable speed, synchronous transmission, automatic alignment, no bottle no print and other control functions. MAIN FEATURES: 1、Step-less variable speed anti-abrasive automatic feeding conveyor system; 2、Automatic flame treatment device to ensure the effect of printing quality; 3、Pre-positioning of the bottle and printing system of two-way open and close mechanism can monitor the function of printing without parts and ensure high-speed continuous printing. 4、High efficiency UV lamp curing system of USA, the power can be adjusted between levels of high, medium and low; 5、The use of world-renowned brand electrical components to ensure stability and durability; 6、PLC program controller and touch screen, easy to use 7、Equip with unloading conveyor for quality inspection


Main motorSITI(Italy)
Plc program controllerOMRON(Japan)
Photoelectric switchOMRON(Japan)
Touch screenOMRON(Japan)
Uv curing systemHONOVIA(USA)
Pneumatic componentSMC(Japan)Airtac(Taiwan)
Round printing diameterф25mm~ф108mm
Round printing height25mm~250mm
Flat printing diameterR25mm~R280mm
Flat printing height25mm~250mm
Max printing speed4200Pcs/Hour
Power supplyAC220V/AC380V 3Phase 50Hz
Rated power7.5KW(One set)
Air supply5~7bar
Machine dimension(one unit)2000mm×1200mm×1750mm
Machine weight1100kg