Automatic Gluing Coating Printing Machine

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Automatic Gluing Coating Printing Machine


Out of Stock It suit for EVA foam, paper, sticker, calendary, card, and so on, can be full glitter coating or specific part coating glitter. 2: Features: The line contain: screen printing machine, power coating machine, drying machine. 1. The screen printing machine print glue/varnish on the product; 2. The power coating machine spraying glitter or power on the product. The glitter on the part which don’t print glue/varnish, it will be sucked and cyclic utilization by the machine; 3. After spraying glitter, it will turn to the dryer automatic. The glitter will not fall when scrape with hand. Glitter coating machine: Transmission Belt width : 1000mm,


NameAutomatic Screen printing-power coating-Drying machine line
Max printing area500*700cm, 600*900cm, 700*1000mm
Spraying width900mm
Thickness of paper1~5mm
Belt width of drying machine600mm, 800mm, 1000mm