Automatic Glass Printing Machine

Automatic Glass Printing Machine

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Be applied to architectural glass, decorative glass and other glass printing. 2.Features: ●Independent pressure regulator in various functional areas meets the needs of different products. ●Modular design can be used to combine with other devices to form multi-colored manufacture lines. ●Electric printer+ linear guide rail move up and down make the action fast and stable. ●Automatic and manual mode selection makes the operation easier. ●Scram button layout is reasonable, safe photoelectric timely protection. ●Many auto multi Caijing tablet and arc bending combination production line solutions. ●Segmented integration functions and industrialized design, pre-positioning on the feeding + cross-linked out-discharging convey test. ●Three stations independent drive belt convey, integrated control system.


Printing thickness≤50mm
Max printing area800*2000mm
Wash version of height400mm
Size of printing table1100*2300mm
Max size of screen frame1100*2500mm
Size of product7300*1450*1700mm