Automatic Non Woven Fabric Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Non Woven Fabric Screen Printing Machine

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Out of Stock 1: Application Scope: It applies for the roll to roll non-woven fabric screen printing. 2: Features and Performance: 1. Automatical feeding, printing, drying, and collecting. Save labors and overcome redtraints caused by weather conditions. 2. Driven by Panasonic servo motor, which can ensure the precision of the crucial elements, make the machine low noise, runs stably. 3. The whole machine movement is controlled by PLC program, optional and touched operation screen shows all functions and data which makes the operation more convenient and simple. 4. The fabric roll is feeding and collecting automatically, tension can be controlled on both sides. There are 2 photoelectric position-fix devices before printing and drying, which make sure of printing precision. 5. Printing pressure is balanced, and the ink layer is thick and solid, suited for high standard non-woven fabric printing. 6. Add an automatic bag-making machine to the end will make up auto production line, which can make bags automatically and efficiently. 7. Printing size is as large as 1×1.2m, if the pattern is small, you can print 2 or more patterns every time, which will be more efficient. 8. Fabric roll is convenient to load, and the whole machine is friendly to use, only one person is needed for operation. 9. Dried by 3 groups of heating lamps, each group can be controlled independently. It’s not affected by weather, more efficient than natural air drying, 10. Screen frame in different sizes is available, just move the screen frame clamp.


ModelsTX-NW12110 I / TX-NW12110 II
Color1color / 2color
Max.printing size1200*1100mm / 1200*1100mm
Non-woven fabric rolls width1250mm / 1250mm
Non-woven fabric thickness45~100g/m2 / 45~100g/m2
Max.diameter of rolls800mm / 800mm
Printing speed500-1100m/h / 500-800m/h
Voltage&total power380V 3P4N 24KW / 380V 3P4N 65KW
Machine size10500*1800*1720mm / 21500*1800*1720mm
Weight2000kg / 4000kg
Basic structureFeeding part+Printing part+Drying part+Collecting part