Automatic Glass Printer Printing Machine

Automatic Glass Printer Printing Machine

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Out of Stock Our servo driven flat glass silk screen printing machine are well designed for flat surface printing on glass. The servo flat glass screen printing machines are widely used for industries of producing such as automobile glass, access control glass panel, smart home automation glass, kitchen appliance glass etc. Advanced servo motors and famous brand sensors are used for self registration with accuracy. Loading and pre-positioning Screen printing Shunt conveyor and discharge inspection


ModelsTX-4060BL / TX-6090BL / TX-80130BL / TX-80180BL / TX-80200BL
Max printing area400*600mm / 600*900mm / 800*1300mm / 800*1800mm / 800*2000mm
Size of printing table700*900mm / 900*1200mm / 1100*1600mm / 1100*2100mm / 1100*2400mm
Max size of screen frame700*1100mm / 900*1200mm / 1100*1750mm / 1100*2350mm / 1100*2550mm
Max printing speed800(PCS/H) / 800(PCS/H) / 800(PCS/H) / 800(PCS/H) / 800(PCS/H)
Glass thick≤50mm
Pressure4.0~6.0 kfg/c