Glitter Powder Spray Machine Combo For EVA Foam

Glitter Powder Spray Machine Combo For EVA Foam

€13,800 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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Out of Stock Automatic Glitter Powder Spray Combination (gluing machine + powder coating +Drying+Cutting) Automatic Glitter Power Coating Produce Line is a post printing machine which can be used to replace the traditional glitter powder technology. It has the features such as easy to operate, no dust pollution, etc. It is used for produce greeting card, EVA foam, Spring Couplet, cloth, leather, Glass crafts, decorative picture, and so on. 2. Features a. automatic gluing b. automatic scattering wihout powder pollution, dust free c. powder automatic recervy d. constant temperature drying e. occupies small area f. save time, high efficiency,

Available in 2 widths:

1000mm - useable area 900mm - € 11.500

1200mm - useable area 1100mm - € 13.800


Total power70KW, AC380V
Convey belt width1000mm
Powdering width900mm
Product thickness1-10mm