Screen Printing Flash Dryer

Screen Printing Flash Dryer

€850 (EUR)

6000W = € 1.250,00

Location:Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

orCall +31 85 0450005


Application: This semi auto drying machine for t-shirt screen printing is used to dry T-shirt ,and other cloth or fabric product. Feature: 1. Adopt infrared medium wave lamp tubes: fast start-up, strong penetration, drying speed is fast, not only can apply to the water-based plastisol drying, but also can be applied to plastisol ink drying; 2. Each heating lamp tube are equipped with independent switch with indicating lamp, can intuitively control the opening number of lamp, don’t influence between lamp tubes each other; 3. The machine is compact and flexible, the drying head can rise or fall,can be applied to all automatic screen printing machine drying requirements;

There are 2 options:

3000 watt: € 850,00

6000 watt : € 1.250,00


Power supply220V ,50Hz, 4.8 kw
Drying size500*600mm
Dimension530*670*650mm(the height can be adjusted to 950mm)
Size of package800*6000*1450mm
Gross weight40 kg