UV Curing Machine With Forced Air

UV Curing Machine With Forced Air

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Out of Stock TX-UV800 UV Curing Machine ★Scope of Application The TX-UV series of light-solid machine is irradiated with strong ultraviolet light from a special UV light source to the surface of the workpiece with the photosensitive printing material to achieve rapid curing (the emission spectrum of the lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the printing material),The cured film has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and certain adhesion strength.This machine is mainly used for the curing process of light-curing screen printing inks such as sanding, refraction, wrinkles, crystal, UV optical axis, etc. Widely used in clothing thermal transfer film, tobacco and alcohol, wine labels, cosmetics, health products, blessings, calendars and other packaging. ★Key Features 1、 Two sets of UV lamps which can be independent controled. 2、 High quality special teflon convey belt operating stable and free of noise. 3、 Adopts stepless speed regulation running motor that is steady running, small noise. 4、 Spotlight design using high reflect reflectors for instantaneous flash drying 5、 Adjustable height of the lamps and baffes at inlet. 6、 Each lamp is equipped with a current indicator, which can show the running situation correctly. 7、Lamps radiate heat can be exhausted by cooling fan during working so as to keep operating conditions. 8、 Compact Size、Environmentally friendly、Easy operation、Stable operation and longlife Conveyor belt motor power : 60W/1P/220V Total power : 11.3 kW Dimension : 2500mm*1000mm*1150mm Weight : 260kg


Workpiece size70mm
Width of belt800mm
Speed of belt1-30m/min
Speed regulationElectron stepless speed regulation
Lamps power380V/5.6kW*2sets