Silk Screen Oven

Silk Screen Oven

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Location:Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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Out of Stock Application scope Circuit Board, plastic, PCB, Ceramic color paper, Metal nameplate ,and other product’s roast. Features 1. Stainless material prevents internal corrosion and allows long durability. 2.PID temperature control allows constant temperature distribution. 3.Side- to-side circulation of hot air maintains constant temperature distribution in the vertical direction. 4. Has a filter mounted at the air inlet. 5. Temperature display function (high, medium and low). Electric Sect 1.Working Voltage:380V /50HZ. 2. Digital intelligence temperature control meter,PID adjust. 3. AC contactor controlled. 5. Constant temperature timing setting. 6. Alarm function。 7. Low-voltage apparatus adapts name brand”Chint”or “Delix”. Heating Sect: 1. Heating mode:set evenly by two sides. 2. Heating component:stainless heating rod. 3. Heating power:18KW. Material: 1. Crust:adopt1.2mm thickness cold-rolled steel sheet,the surface is Paint drying. 2. Workshop:adopt 1mm stainless steel. 3. The bottom is flat,with two groove,making it convenient to let drying frame in and out.


Stock Number15
Inner size(l*w*h)700x1000 (drying rack size)
Working temperature150℃(normal temperature)
Max temperature180℃(adjustable 0-180℃)
Temperature (in the oven)±3℃