IR Drying Machine

IR Drying Machine

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Out of Stock Application Scope It suits rapid dry of solvents oil ink and water contained products, such as paper printing, chemical products, glass ,PVC, metal etc. Features 1. According to the requirement of drying products, the speed of belt can reach 1-20M/min; 2. It adopts imported transmission belt that with stands high temperature. The speed is steady without crashing and noise. 3. The imported electrical thermal temperature can control temperature accurately. 4. It can save space and raise work efficiency.


Teflon belt width60cm
Teflon belt length3m
Transmission speed0-20m/min
Power380V /7.5KW(50Hz/60Hz)
Room temperature300℃(adjustable thermal control)
Machine size3.1m*0.9m*1.1m