Desktop UV Curing Machine

Desktop UV Curing Machine

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Out of Stock The UV curing machine with convey, is used in cellphone crust, compactdisc, thin film switch, electronic and plastic crust UV surface to painting, kinds of UV paint, IMD injection products curing. Moreover, it also can be used to cure electronic components, liquid crystal film,terminal gumming, cellphone parts sticking and LCD etc. The machine with small volume, light weight, precise making, convenient moving,is suitable to install on desktop.


Outside dimension (l*w*h)1200*450*700mm
Convey motor15W
Output length270mm
Exhausting fan20W-1 set, 40W-1 set
Inlet dimension (l*w(adjustable)*h)250*10-120*640
Convey speed0-12m/min
Belt width200mm
Power supplysingle phase 220v
Belt materialTeflon (imported)
Gross wattage4.2KW
Type of coolingexhausting by air cooling
Net weight65KG
Value of wave crest365nm
Gross weight70KG
Settling timeabout 3min
Decorative styleinjection
Life1,000h (making sure 800h)
Light tube power2.0KW/pc(adjustable shine )
Width of light shine200mm
Strength of shine200mm
Power of shine100W/cm
Distance of shine120-190mm