Flat UV Curing Machine

Flat UV Curing Machine

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Out of Stock Application The UV curing machine with convey, is used in cell phone crust, compact disc, thin film switch, electronic and plastic crust UV surface to painting, kinds of UV paint, IMD injection products curing. Moreover, it also can be used to cure electronic components, liquid crystal film, terminal gumming, cell phone parts sticking and LCD etc. Performance characteristics 1) There are 2 sets of UV light source system, please utilize it according to the detailed requirement. 2) The imported Teflon mesh belt conveyor, it is enjoying precise production, smooth running , and restful. 3) The speed of conveyor is adjustable,it can be adjusted any reasonable speed you need. 4) Precise and imported photo spot, high reflective lampshade, quick drying. 5) The illuminating height of UV shade is also adjustable. 6)The operating current of UV lamp is showed outside so as to control the working status. 7) There is a heat-extraction system to keep a high-efficiency working environment .