Cylinder Flame Treatment Machine

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Cylinder Flame Treatment Machine


Out of Stock Application: Mainly used for the flame treatment on the surface of the PP and PE plastic products, the plastic products after treatment by this machine, when printing, the printing ink can be more firmly attached to the printing items. Features: 1.Special disk type stations are installed for fixing cylinders. Sizes are adjustable and substrate loading as well as unloading easy; 2.In electrical control, advanced mini-motor is used with stepless change to meet the requirement of various substrate 3.Unique designs of flame nozzle and distributor make fuel utilization rate high, so it is an evergy-saving product 4.Integral structure is novel, design suitable and operation easy. Roller wheels are installed at the foot to provide convenient movement.  Technical Parameter: 1: Frame width: 250mm; Combustion gas: standard petrolic gas; 2: Combustion-supporting gas: compression air with pressure 8KGF/cm2; 3: Power Supply: 220V/50Hz; Conveyor speed: 0~10m/min; 4: Speed adjustment speed: electronic step less change; 5: Conveyor size: 1830×360mm; Dimension: 1850×530×1200mm(L×W×H) Weight: 100KG Combustion-supporting gas: compression air with pressure : 8KGF/cm2


Frame width250mm
Combustion gasstandard petrolic gas
Power supply220V/50Hz
Conveyor speed0~10m/min;
Speed adjustment speedelectronic step less change
Conveyor size1830×360mm