Digital Paper Cutter A3 A4 paper

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Digital Paper Cutter A3 A4 paper


450VS+ Programmed Digital display Paper Cutter A3 A4 Label: electric paper cutter, cutter paper, paper cutting machine, It is widely used accross graphics quick printing,corporate and office,etc. It’s a ideal cutting equipment for office automation which suitable for cutting all kinds of books, albums, bills and PVC, TPV TPC as well as other post-press products. Products Description 1. Optimized instruction design, precision processed, stable and durable; 2. Adopt new high-tech integrate circuit digital control to guarantee the high efficient work; 3. Digital display indicates the size before cutting and after cutting ,and there is infrared light indicate the cutting position,High precision on paper control design to achieve the perfect combination of electromechanical. 4. Push-button keys, hands interlocked device, automatic reset function to protect the absolute security; 5. Adopt a high speed steel blade, sharp and durable; 6. Unique fault self-detection function, make your operation more handy; 7. Adopt anti-security locks and safety covers, ensure the safety; 8. Stylish, compact exterior design, beautiful and utility. Key Features 1. Auto flat-pressing 2. Programmed control panel with digital display 3. Light protection system 4. Push paper by double rack 5. High speed steel blade 6. IR cutting line


Power supply220V±10%;50Hz
Max.cutting width450mm
Max.cutting thickness45mm
Clamp paperelectric
Push paperelectric
Safetyprotective cover
Unit size780x590x1010