CNC Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

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Out of Stock It is suitable for processing non-metallic materials such as bronzing molds, electronic fixtures, and industrial automation industries such as aluminum plates, synthetic stones, glass fibers, bakelite, glasses plates, and so on. 2. Standard configuration 1) Spindle water cooling system 2) Full cover sheet metal 3) Cutting fluid system 4) Power box 5) Automatic power off 6) Automatic lubrication system 7) Spindle blowing 8) Work lights 9) Toolbox 10) Operation manual and circuit diagram 11) Precision tool setting instrument. 3. Feature ◆It is driven by a servo motor imported from Japan, and the running speed is stepping motor twice. ◆Improve production efficiency and save enterprise costs. ◆The whole cast iron bed runs smoothly and has high precision. 4. Sample


X axis600
Y axis600
Z axis120
Maximum load200kg
Rotating speed5000~24000rpm
Transfer methodElectric spindle
CoolingSpindle water cooling
Rapid displacement(x、y axis)15000
Rapid displacement(z axis)6000
Three-axis slideThree-axis linear guide
Cutting feed rate1-6000
Three-axis motor(X、Y、Z) 0.75KW/0.75KW/0.75KW
Positioning accuracy±0.008
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.005