Hot air drying tunnel – 8 meters

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Hot air drying tunnel – 8 meters

€15,950 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands


Application: Papers - Plastics - Woods - Metal - Glass - Cosmetic - PCB - PET - PVC - Fabric - Clothes - Garment - Nameplate - Leather products Fast heating and energy saving while having a long operating life could save about 70% of the drying time; The independent control of IR lamp make long service life and less energy waste, save about 30% of energy; Temperature can be controlled in each section to meet product requirements; It can also connect with automatic production line, synchronous control and reduce defective, improving product quality; PLEASE NOTE: The IR drying tunnel is designed to work with automatic screen printing machine and powder coating machine, and is located at the end of a printing line. All machines can be designed according to Production parameters and appearances can be custom-made


ManufacturerPrintmachines 4 All
Feeding length1000mm(as required)
Discharge length1000mm(as required)
Conveyor speed0-20(m/min) Adjustable
Conveyor motor1.5kw/3P/380V
Max. temperature200 ℃ adjustable
Fan motor35W/380V*3