Hanky Automatic Screen Printing Machine 4060

Hanky Automatic Screen Printing Machine 4060

€9,500 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

orCall +31 85 0450005


This Digital Electric Semi-automatic screen printing machine is suitable for printing on various materials, but is mainly constructed for high pressure accuracy. Suitable for the graphic industry, but also for the high demands demanded for printing electronics. Horizontal printing window lift so that the ink does not flood to the back of the screen The squeegee movement runs from right to left and back in the longitudinal direction of the material to be printed in order to achieve a good printing result. This machine also has : Automatic pressure window lift system. Electro Servo squeegee drive, infinitely adjustable Pneumatic squeegee pressure is also adjustable for effortless expression of the printed image Pressure stroke length is infinitely adjustable Micro adjustable printing table for exact positioning of the printing image The whole is mounted on a stable base Fixed table Maximum material thickness is 140mm . Servo motor controlled squeegee drive . PLC controlled with touch display . Bearing-mounted squeegee head guide . Servo motor controlled window lift . Horizontal position when pre-squeegeeing . Squeegee quick release system . Squeegee and front squeegee away infinitely adjustable by micro switches . Metal vacuum printing sheet with micro adjustment in X, Y and Z direction with micrometers . Micrometer adjustable and readable squeegee pressure setting . Squeegee angle adjustable . Adjustable pressure frame height up to 140mm . Pneumatic window clamp