Cosmetic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

Cosmetic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

€2,475 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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Cosmetic Bottle Screen Printing Machine Label: cylindrical silk screen printing machine, oval screen printer press, curved printing machine, cup screen printing machine, bottle screen printing machine, Semi-Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine 3. Main Features 1).Microprocessor control, stable performance, simple operation 2).Vertical lift structure, stable and high accuracy printing 3).Adjustment of vertical / transversal / tilting direction are available. 4).Print stroke controlled with rodless cylinder 5).Equipped with CEC shock absorber, precise and stable printing 6).Adopt imported enduring bearings and axle sleeves, smooth running 7).High precision axis control, printing accuracy up to ±0.02mm 8). Screen frame angle & tilt adjustable 9). Synchronized bottle inflation system with regulator 10).Action model option: Automatic/semi-automatic/manual 11).Scraper pressure control: constant pressure regulator 12).Foot switch controlled 4. Product details Machine Parts Name: Printing Head Independent control of left/ right, up/down stroke speed. Squeegee / knife auto balanced keeping in printing. It is suitable for cylindrical printing and curved printing. Main Features Name: Fixture support The fixture support can be applied to the printing circular, elliptic and other curves on various cylinders. It can be adjustable up/down,left/right and rotated slightly. Machine Parts Name: control system It adopts pneumatic controlling, which makes actions quick safe, no pollution to the surrounding environment. Squeegee can be finely adjusted left/right.Substrate alignment is quick and precise; Main Features Name: Control panel 4-digit auto counter built in Equipped with advanced microcomputer controls. with multi major function program presetting, the machines are multi functional. Max.Printing Area(mm) : φ70*200 Max.Printing Diameter(mm)) : Full circle ø70 Max.Screen frame(mm) : 430*280 Capacity (cycles/Hr) : 1200 Printing Length(mm) : ≤250 Dimension(mm) : 730*580*128


Power supply220V/110V/50Hz/60Hz
Circular arc200
Min.screen frame(mm)230*140
Gas consumption(l/min)50