Hot Melt Powder Scattering Coating Machine 800mm

Hot Melt Powder Scattering Coating Machine 800mm

€19,500 (EUR)

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Location:Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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1. Application

It is applied to transfer printing products such as clothing trademarks, Ironing, wallpaper, paper, PVC and film, etc hot-melt power spraying process.

2. Features

Thermoplastic polyurethane machine is after-printing corollary equipment, which substitutes for rendition products like logo, ironing, wallpaper, paper, and film.

It can powder and recovery residual powder incomplete processing. It has the advantage of easy to use, flexible adjustment, high efficiency, and not just pollution.

All the transmission parts in the machine can achieve variable speed and be connected to the auto screen printing machine or gluing machine.

It works well even with those paper film and wallpaper that have high demands. If necessary, it should be connected directly to drying equipment or UV light curing equipment.

3. Details

  •  Conveyor inlet with anti-static bar and light sensor for running switch.


  • Control panel easy operation in the clear


  • Outlet with a anti-static bar and purge system to recycle powder to storage hopper


  • Electric control box PLC Control and independent power supply for running stability high.


ManufacturerPrintmachines 4 All
Stock NumberP4A-SF80S-1
Model typeP4A-SF80S
Suction typeDouble suction
Conveyor belt width800mm
Conveyor belt height from the ground650mm
Max coating width700mm
Max product thickness5mm
Max working speed1500m/h
Power supply4KW / 380V/50Hz