Acosgraf Voyager Double Sheet Stacker

No longer available

Acosgraf Voyager Double Sheet Stacker

€5,000 (EUR)

Dedemsvaart, Netherlands


The VOYAGER automatic stacker that makes the collection from the printing sheet the exit of the tunnel using a pneumatic clamp. The stacker VOYAGER is available in different designs and can be used individually or integrated into printing lines. The VOYAGER can be equipped with one or two individual clamps for sheet retreat from dryer.

  • Movements of advance and retreat from clamp made by pneumatic cylinder;
  • Sheet clamping cylinders with 4 contact points and with the possibity to adjustable positions;
  • Possibility to adjustable holding and releasing the sheet position;
  • Equipped with pneumatic clamps cylinder for holding and releasing the sheet;
  • Equipped LCD display with 2-line to command, adjust and have machine status information;
  • Advance and retreat speed with independent adjustment;
  • Protective covers with to safety limit switches;
  • Option be equipped with one or two individual clamps for multi printing lines in 2 dryer;
  • Option to have table sheet collection equipped with vibration system.


Serial Number741708141
Stock NumberRVOD-1
Maximum sheet size removal35cm x 50cm
Maximum production pieces per hour500
Power Output1W
External length120 CM
External width90 CM
External height150 CM
Weight300 KG