Snijmachine Type 1

Max cutting widthcm/inch92/36.2
Max cutting lengthcm/inch100/39.3
Max cutting heightcm/inch13/5.1
Width of machineWith sidetablecm217
Without sidetablecm202
Main motorkw3
Cutting speedCycles/min45
Packing sizeL×W×H (cm)237×137×187
Total width of machinecm217
Total length of machinecm213
Total height of machinecm151
The length of side tablecm70
The width of groundsill of machine footcm60

Product Description


Usage:Program Control Paper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various

kinds,paper products,plastic,thin film,leather,slice of non-ferrous metal,etc.


Techinology Features


a. COMPUTER: it adopts 7 inch color liquid crystal crystal display screen,500 groups
programming capacity,each of them can store 999 cuttings’ datum of different locations;0.05 mm

position accurancy;six kinds of languages;the working speed is 6-18m/min.


b.Double Hydraulic Device: the hydraulic system adopts the Germany advanced technology.
Equipped with combined hydraulic valve, double hydraulic controlling structure,it approves hydraulic

device greatly.The hydraulic device pass CE certificate.


c.Double Guide Device: the paper pusher adopts double imported linear guide and roller ball

screw.,which can prolong the machine use life, and can bear the high speed paper delivering.


d.Photo cell: it is equipped with a photo cell safety protection device.


e.Over load protection device; convenient knife changing device.


d.Worktable chrome treatment: the worktable and side board surface are all adopted chrome

treatment to improve the precision and quality of the machine.


e.Air ball: air balls are installed in the worktable. The paper sending work will be easy and



f.Cutting controller: both of the user’s hands operate the machine. It can cut paper in one time.


g.Electronic knife lock: when the machine is malfunction, the electronic knife lock will lock the

knife, and the machine will stop cutting to protect safety.


h.Safety notice & Glass covers: the machine has passed CE certificate. All the safety notice
and direction mark is used to cause the safety attention of the user, and do protection and maintenance

in time.(optional)


i.Main electric components are imported from Germany, French, Japan, etc.